In a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it storefront near the intersection of Wappoo and 61 sits a veritable treasure trove of Russian, Lithuanian, Czech, Polish and Ukrainian comestibles and paraphernalia. With Greek red caviar, Scottish bangers and English steak and kidney pies thrown in, just so no one’s feelings get hurt.

But unpronounceable grocery items are only about two-thirds of the colorful and exotic inventory to be studied in this unique West Ashley establishment. It usually requires at least three visits to examine all of its contents.

In addition to creatively flavored wines, a respectable selection of beers, chicken and veal pelminis, sour cherry pierogies, lusty loaves of dark breads, a tantalizing array of sausages, cheeses and incredibly rich chocolates, this little Moscovian haven offers these additional amenities for your one-stop shopping convenience:

Video rentals…with a vintage TV and VCR in the corner for instant viewing pleasure.

A library with two stocked bookcases.

A dry goods department with the following inventory: Six ornate throw pillows and one pair of felt bedroom shoes.

A drug store with balsam rubs and other assorted herbal packets.

A newsstand to include gossip mags. Here’s a tip: “Мадонна” is Russian for “Madonna.”

And, as is mandatory in any respectable mini-mall, a mobile phone center, a.k.a. “Jo Ann’s Corner,” where an officious business matron sitting behin

d a card table sells phone minutes to a steady stream of customers with their new found riches, compliments of the Irish Loans store right next door.

So…if you want to be the star at this year’s neighborhood Fourth

of July cook-out, may we suggest you bring Shinkova frankfurters on whole grain Lithuanian buns, with a side of potato pierogies and sour cream and a six pack of Stone Imperial Russian Stout. When they ask where you found such gustatorial bounty, simply raise your bottle and, with an enigmatic smile, reply, “Nostrovia!”

Euro Foods
1727 Ashley River Rd. # 3Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 571-1451

Story by: Cindy Roemer
Photos by: Wendy Mogul