No one said that painting was easy.

Shhh, listen carefully. We’re going to let you in on a little secret: just because no one said it was easy, doesn’t mean it’s hard. The trick? Think positive.

“I can’t paint,” is a statement that prevents action. “I am learning to paint,” is a statement that implies action. This simple concept is the genius behind Robert Maniscalco’s artistic workshop, The Power of Positive Painting. Of course this concept can be applied to anything you aspire to do – play an instrument, golf, juggle balls of fire – but for now, we’re focused on the paint brush. And lucky for us, one man is already paving the way.

Charleston based artist, Robert Maniscalco, has been teaching since he was a young buck of 20. Over the years, he has developed a method of painting titled, you guessed it, The Power of Positive Painting. This method focuses on creating forward momentum by eliminating the fear behind creation.

During 2-3 day workshops, students begin by learning the essentials: brush handling, color mixing and training your eye to see light. These fundamentals teach students how to use values to create the illusion of form. Once his students become familiar with these basic techniques, that’s when the fun begins. That’s when art happens.

“Art always happens while you are trying to do something else,” says Maniscalco. When students focus on structure instead of the finished product, they free themselves to create.

The underlying theme to The Power of Positive Painting, no matter your experience level (he teaches all skill levels) or medium (he works with multiple mediums including drawing and mixed media), is progression. Push yourself to the next level, take action, challenge yourself to try something new. Robert’s doors are always open to anyone ready to tackle progress.

So, if you are a professional artist, an aspiring artist, or have ever had the smallest inclination to try and paint something other than the wall in your bedroom, Maniscalco and The Power of Positive Painting will take you to the next level. Whatever level your mind is open to.

A word to the wise: Start with paint brushes. Then move to juggling balls of fire.

The Power of Positive Painting

Story by: Tara Miller
Photos by: Meredith Siemens