May 30, 2015 | “50 Most Progressive” Studio 50 Party 2015 Photos by: Laura Olsen

Disco balls. Champagne. DJ Party Dad. And a whole lot of progressive people.

October 4, 2014 | Oktoberfest at the Garten Photos by: TapSnap

Oktoberfest was the best Munich experience this side of, well, Munich. There was music, a stien hoisting competition finale, and of course, some bears! Thankfully, TapSnap was there to capture all the fun.

6.18.2014 | TapSnap at CHARLIE 50 Most Progressive Celebration Photos by: TapSnap1063

TapSnap sure knows how to bring the life to the party.. and we have the pictures to prove it! A big thanks to our good friends at TapSnap for capturing all the bright smiles and goofy faces of this memorable evening.

6.18.2014 | CHARLIE: 50 Most Progressive Celebration Photos by: Laura Olsen

Another successful evening filled with 50 of Charleston’s most successful people—along with food, dancing & drinks of course! As always, thanks to the stars of this great city and all those behind the scenes who made this party unforgettable. We’re already counting down the days till next year. Keep progressing on, Charleston.

5.3.2014 | Charleston Affair 2014 Photos by: TapSnap1063

The only affair to have. Delicious cuisine, drinks and maybe more dance moves displayed than we’d like to admit… We’ve never seen the Cistern quite like this. Till next year, Charleston!

5.4.2014 | Fresh At The Farm Dinner Photos by: Adam Chandler

What a beautiful night it was at Walters Farm! Joining us was Chef Stephen Thompson of Prohibition who provided nothing less than a true farm-to-table experience at his childhood friend, Steven Walters’ farm. The night started with a cocktail hour and hors d’ oeuvres and then finished in a family style dinner with the 5-acre farm as our backdrop… Let’s just say the field trip to St. George was worth it.

4.10.2014 | Charleston Race Week 2014 Photos by: Kip Bulwinkle

Every year a navy of J’s covers the Charleston harbor during race week. Light wind or not, the nearly 300 teams were welcomed by clear skies, nightly beach parties and a chance to take home the bragging rights. Hard Alee!

2.8.2014 | TapSnap at The Chocolate Affair Photos by: TapSnap1063

Not a sweet tooth was left unsatisfied at The Chocolate Affair where Communities in Schools celebrated their 25th anniversary. Guests indulged in a variety of chocolate deserts while checking out an auction offering over 200 items and TapSnap was there to capture every chocolaty moment!

1.1.2014 | TapSnap at Gatsby at the Garten Photos by: TapSnap

There were flappers, there were boas, there were…bears? TapSnap was a huge hit at the New Year’s Eve Gatsby in the Garten party at BayStreet Biergarten. The event was simply dashing!

12.15.13 | TapSnap at CHARLIE Rockstar Brunch Photos by: TapSnap

Once again, TapSnap was a crowd favorite. This was a great way to show off all the great holiday outfits and Santa even managed to make a couple photo bombs. Tis’ the season – Thanks, Santa!

12.15.13 | CHARLIE: The 2013 Rockstar Brunch Photos by: Nickie Cutrona

We Mimosa’d. We Bloody Mary’d. We Waffle Bar’d. We Moscow Mule’d. We were Rockstars. The end of the year Rockstar Brunch was an unforgettable CHARLIE launch party. With the elegance of the Luxury Simplified building as our host and the oh so ‘mod’ violinist Seth G. serenading in the background of every room, it was the perfect mix of sophistication and laid-back glamour.

9.26.2013 | CHARLIE 2013 Inspiration Issue Launch Party Photos by: Laura Olsen

Inspiration. Everyone needs a little and the new CHARLIE Inspiration issue is making it happen. Launch party guests enjoyed speciality cocktails, cabanas, dancing, and of course, our newest issue! The new book is sure to leave you feeling inspired cover to cover with divine photography and local inspiration.

9.26.2013 | TapSnap at CHARLIE Inspiration Party Photos by: TapSnap

TapSnap was a hit at our Inspiration Issue Launch Party. Who wouldn’t love the features of a photo booth and social media all in one? Not to mention a few celebrities joined the party, too.

8.21.2013 | Summa’ Time Party Photos by: Adam Chandler

What would the end of summer be without a Charlie Club Summa’ Time Party at Mixson Bath & Racquet Club? We mastered the art of playing Bocce Ball and Badminton, Sangria in hand. Not to mention that a few of us were also brave enough to attempt the swan in the pool. We must say it was the perfect way to end a hot summer.

8.2.2013 | Steven Fiore: The Youth + Magic Show Photos by: Adam Chandler

It was a multi-sensory night: our eyes enjoyed the stunning artwork of RLS, our taste buds came alive with Italian wine and Firefly punch, and our ears had never heard sweeter serenades than those of Steven Fiore. August, the bar has been set for all-in-one cultural events. And it’s been set high.

7.23.2013 | Kinfolk Honey Harvest Photos by: Olivia Rae James

Honey and its busy bee creators were the stars of this outdoor celebration. Bee-keeping might not be for those who are particularly squeamish, but with some food, drink and music, a hands-on lesson in cultivating honey turns into quite a party. A vibrant buzz went strong into the night with no signs of anyone coming down from a sugar high.

7.13.2013 | Enough Pie’s “Awakening” Photos by: Adam Chandler

The inspiring performances and thought-provoking art pieces of “Awakening” gave a usually vacant building a refreshing breath of life. Between the neon zebras and meditative demos, this was an incredible wake-up call to get the creative juices flowing…and it didn’t even come with a strong cup of coffee. 17 art installations, 33 artists, 1000+ attendees, 1 sensational afternoon.

6.21.2013 | CHARLIE 2013 Interactive Launch Party Photos by: Adam Chandler

CHARLIE unleashes a new beast: interactive augmented technology. Okay, maybe that doesn’t mean much to you. But what if we told you CHARLIE’s latest issue came to life? Grab your copy and find yourself dancing about this technology like we did on this unforgettable night. Your mind now: blown.

6.9.2013 | Spoleto Finale 2013 Photos by: Karson Photography

The CHARLIE Trolley is starting to make buzz around town. This year, the celebration was complete with Pig Swig, La Bubbly, fried chicken, mac & cheese and more for everyone courtesy Piggly Wiggly and Grassroots Wine Wholesalers. Prizes were won, champagne was spilled and an engagement proposal was made. CHARLIE just took your Sunday Funday to a whole other extreme.

5.2.2013 | Gibbes Street Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Take four. Action! It’s hard to believe it was the fourth Gibbes Museum Street Party and they keep getting better and better. But with Charleston’s top chefs, an open bar, dancing, performers, and art, what’s not to love? Our point exactly.

4.20.2013 | CRW After Party Photos by: Karson Photography

What’s a regatta without a dark and stormy? Tasty, fizzy, cold, and yes, refreshing. Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina brought good times and festive drinks all while hosting the best crowd in Charleston. See you next year, Charleston Race Week.

4.19.2013 | Charleston Race Week 2013 Photos by: Karson Photography

Substantial winds were predicted and that’s exactly what this year’s Charleston Race Week received. WIth nearly 300 boats and 15 countries represented worldwide, CRW 2013 was even bigger and better. This regatta has Charleston sailin’ in the groove.

4.12.2013 | DIG South Studio Strut Photos by: Karson Photography

Studio Strut was a chance to see behind-the-scenes of some of Charleston’s creative spaces. Each company had different creative juices to offer, along with some tasty happy-hour snacks. Bring on the free brain power.

3.8.2013 | CHARLIE 50 Most Progressive Launch Party Photos by: Corey Tenold

Oh, Progress. You sure know how to party! A big thanks to all the stars who came out and celebrated great things happening in this great city, and to all the stars behind the scenes who helped make this party the smash hit that it was. Until next year, Charleston. Keep moving forward.

3.3.2013 | W+F Rigs, Pigs, and Swigs Photos by: Gregg Lambton-Carr

Alas, all good things must come to an end. But when that ending is a BBQ blowout bash beneath the Ravenel Bridge, we can’t really complain.

3.2.2013 | W+F After Hours: Party Around the World Photos by: Karson Photography

Where in the world was Carmen SanDiego this past Saturday? Most likely at the W+F After Hours party at the bus shed. And with cuisine, costumes, and dancing from all around the world, it’s probably safe to say she wasn’t the only one in attendance.

3.2.2013 | W + F Pinot Envy Uncorked! Photos by: Karson Photography

With a view of Charleston’s skyline, a wide selection of Pinot wines, live music, the “Lamb and Clams” food duo, and a Lamb and Clams Original Recipe Contest, what more could one have asked for? Bueller? Bueller?

3.1.2013 | CHARLIE Presents W + F Shop, Sip, and Savor Photos by: Karson Photography

Hello, 50 Most Progressive! Shoppers got the first taste of our third ever print issue, as well as some fine wine and food at the Shop, Sip, and Savor event. Thanks to all the participating stores and shoppers for truly making it a day to savor!

11.30.2012 | CHARLIE 2012 Yearbook Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Wow! What a party! Thanks to all of you for making it such an incredible, unforgettable night. Here are the long awaited Yearbook Photos for CHARLIE Class of 2012, and here is to another amazing year of Progressive Culture in Charleston.

10.7.2012 | Lowcountry Field Feast Photos by: Karson Photography

Picture this: An autumn Sunday evening supper whipped up by Mike Lata of FIG. On a farm. By the river. Featuring food from local farmers and music from Long Miles. Did your head just explode? Give your brain a break and let these photos do the picturing for you. Click away!

10.21.2012 | CHARLIE CLUB: The Fly Fishing Party Photos by: Instagram

It was, as they say, “perfect fly-fishing weather.” We lured CLUB members to Brittlebank Park with promises of Roti Rolls, Sociale Mocktails, and a free shirt from our killer hosts Free Fly Apparel. Cowboy Jack taught us the “50 Shades of fly fishing” and soon we were being all A River Runs Through It. Is that enough bait? Get in the club already.

9.28.2012-9.30.2012 | Taste of Charleston Photos by: Gregg Lambton-Carr

Ever wondered what Charleston tastes like? Like the city itself? I think we’re taking this too literally. THIS is what Charleston tastes like. Take a peek. WARNING – mouths have been known to water at sight of these images. Do not view on an empty stomach. Or do, then go out and taste Charleston.

9.27.2012 | Caviar & Beer-nanas Photos by: Chrys Rynearson

Caviar & Bananas is already well-known for their food, so we like to think they know a thing or two about recipes. Here’s a new one they came up with called Hello Happy Hour: Mix 1 part Bluegrass, a smorgasbord of food, 5 different brewers, and a “blind” beer-tasting contest. Add a little more beer to taste. Serve, and enjoy.

9.19.2012 | CHARLIE CLUB: The Kayak Party Photos by: Instagram

OK, so you have pizza and beer. You have a private deck and a Shem Creek backdrop. Now that’s a good party. Add in kayaking, and it’s on. People strapped on their Landsharks and set out on the open water. Thanks to Coastal Expeditions and Pearlstine Distributors, CLUB members had their cake and ate it, too. And then they went kayaking.

8.30.2012 | W+F Fest Ticket Launch Party Photos by: Karson Photography

When it comes to ticket launch parties, the Charleston Wine and Food Festival doesn’t ask if you’d like more “cheese with your whine.” They just give you more wine. And food. Ok, a lot of wine and food. And the jammin’ riddims of Dub Island & The Dubplates. Is it March yet?

8.30.2012 | CHARLIE CLUB New Belgium Brewing Party Photos by: Instagram

Why settle for the old when you can have the New? Belgium, that is. And that’s just what we did. The guys from New Belgium Brewing brought a little Rocky Mountain High to the Lowcountry in the form of five delicious craft beers. Add food from the folks at Butcher and Bee to the mix and you have the recipe for a perfect Thursday night. Go ahead, you know you want to join the CLUB

07.13.2012 | Palette and Palate Stroll Photos by: Instagram

In past years, you had to learn to sprint before you could stroll or you were going to be left in your own sweat. This year, with fewer galleries, we got to take our sweet time and enjoy every player, especially Blu’s scallops crudo and this fig/ham/goat ricotta amazingness. Fine art, amazing food, and Charleston. A marathon we don’t mind training for.

7.11.2012 | The Smokin’ Wood Party Photos by: Instagram

It’s a funny thing about wood. It makes everything better. BBQ burgers. Beer. Games (yes, Jenga is still cool). And here’s the thing about Reclaimed Designworks. It’s got wood. The kind you want to throw a party around. So we did. Are you in the CLUB yet, or what?

7.8.2012 | Girl + Her Pig Photos by: Andrew Cebulka

Books. You know them, you’ve maybe even read one. And you definitely know bacon. Heirloom Book Co. has been doing unique dinners with big-wigs in the culinary world for a while now. On Sunday they created what can only be described as a Bacon-and-Ham oasis in the middle of a bookstore. Challenge: Try to look at these pics without your mouth watering.

6.23.12 | The New Primal Photos by: Karson Photography

If you’d asked us to compete in Rugged-Maniac-meets-Army-bootcamp-meets-American-Gladiators, we would’ve smiled at you adorably and finished our beer. Then we saw the obstacle course and the diehards tackling it, all we wanted to do was dive headfirst into a slip ‘n’ slide. See you at the 3rd Annual Hunger Games. We mean, New Primal. May the odds be ever in your favor.

6.15.12 | Yoga on King Photos by: Johanna Cooper

If you’re ever feeling starved for attention, get you and 400 of your friends to pack in between Society and Wentworth streets. Otherwise known as “One Big Ass Yoga Mat,” Charleston’s first ever yogalution took place to welcome lululemon athletica to the neighborhood. There’s something cool about hundreds of butts in the air. Same time Friday?

6.14.12 | Big Chef Little Chef Photos by: Karson Photography

It was the kind of day you want to spend on the water, helping people. Presenting Louie’s Kids’ 4th Annual Piggy Wiggly Big Chef Little Chef, where kids steer the menu. Donning matching aprons, culinary captains from top restaurants and their sidekicks dueled for the coveted cutting board trophy while attendees took it all in. Like, literally.

6.10.12 | CHARLIE Spoleto Finale Bus Photos by: Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Who would’ve thought that standing in the pouring rain could be so fun? The weather didn’t put a damper on this year’s memorable Spoleto finale. The CHARLIE trolley was just as fun as ever with great people and free-flowing bubbles. At Middleton, folks embraced the mud, slapped on ponchos, and picnicked like champs. ‘Til next year, Spoleto finale bus!

6.9.12 | Spoleto Traces Private Party Photos by: Drew Somerville

We’ll just say it: Traces was the best show of Spoleto 2012. And the private after party wasn’t too shabby, either. Gorgeous home, open bar, munchies and of course, the beautiful cast of Traces. The party well well into the evening with giggling girls asking performers for “free hugs” and just a flat out, “can I touch you?” A great star-struck Spoleto night indeed.

6.1.12 | Spoleto Cedar Lake Private Party Photos by: Karson Photography

It was one of those nights where you say to yourself, “Do I really get to live here?” In a Gatsbyesque set-up, a guitarist charmed Charlestonians holding specialty summer cocktails under the trees. Even more elegant were Cedar Lake ballet’s incredible dancers, whose captivation with Charleston had us appreciating where we live over and over again.

5.31.12 | Art for Charity Photos by: Karson Photography

Do you know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you do something good for someone else? Like, when you go to Michael Mitchell Gallery, enjoy delicious cocktails, perfect hors d’oeuvres, and live entertainment, all for charity? Well, what can we say? We’re givers.

5.31.12 | Spoleto SCENE Joy Kills Sorrow Party Photos by: Karson Photography

The bluesy-est and jazziest of Charleston fled to the Halsey in celebration of all things Spoleto, especially Joy Kills Sorrow, the acoustic stringers from Boston. All pre-concerts should include great art, delectable bites, and summer cocktails, don’t you think?

5.30.2012 | CHARLIE CLUB Sailing Party Photos by: Instagram

Inject every nautical term and lame pirate jargon here, and you don’t have May’s definitely-doing-it-again-next-year CLUB party. But no one told us that sailing is tough. Deciding between the beer boat, the wine boat, and the bourbon boat is not for the weak-hearted. Turns out we’re really good at it. Why aren’t you in the CLUB again?

5.25.2012 | Yoga. Run. Love. Party. Photos by: Karson Photography

The beautiful private home at 11 Church St. had us partying like it was 1790. The Cathead Honeysuckle vodka had us making frequent trips to the bar. The Lowhills had us enchanted. And the crowd–particularly the eight ambassadors surprised with Nathan Durfee portraits–gave us another reason we love Charleston. lululemon, where have you been all our lives?

4.22.2012 | 5th Annual Chef’s Potluck Photos by: Karson Photography

They say if it rains on your Chef’s Potluck day, it’s good luck. Locals hid from the rain with some soft shell crab sandwiches and Bulls Bay Oyster Stout, all in mutual affection for beloved Lowcountry Local First and all things delicious. Next year’s forecast: 100% chance you’ll be there.

4.21.2012 | Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

A big shot was in town on Saturday. 1,500 sailors from all over crowded Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina just to catch a glimpse. It’d been 161 years–and there she was–the America’s Cup trophy, flown specially to Charleston for Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week. Beers, smiles, and boatshoes celebrated. Another successful week of fun and hard work.

4.19.12 | Gibbes on the Street Photos by: Karson Photography

The concept: a gigantic party in the middle of Meeting Street. The crowd: top Charleston restaurants, artists, and performers in Gaga-esque attire. From the culinary savories and sweets to the open bar–and all the visual stimulation in between–the third annual Gibbes Museum renovation party proved not to be missed next year.

4.14.2012 | JAIL BREAK III Photos by: Karson Photography

If you still haven’t been to a JAIL BREAK yet, you should be in jail. OK, that’s a little harsh. But the third installment of Entropy Art’s celebration of all things musical, artistic, dance-y, and delicious proved that these are just getting better each time. See for yourself; we know you won’t miss it again. Or else.

3.29.12 | Rag & Bone Private Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Stacy from Hampden Clothing doesn’t mess around. Everywhere we looked at the bistro-lit, IOP-beachouse-set, private party to welcome Rag & Bone designers to Charleston were details that screamed southern charm. Mason jars of Firefly, roasted pig, live music, and outfits that only Charleston’s chicest can flaunt. Request: Make this an annual event.

3.15.2012 | CHARLIE CLUB Le Vigneto Party Photos by: Instagram

It was the most beautiful day of the year. The kind where you want to drink Italian wine in a private garden. Luckily, we were on top of it. Vidalco Wines and winemaker Massimo Sobrero treated us to five of Antica Cantina Le Lodole’s finest, leaving everyone asking the same question: “Can I try the Moscato again?” Our question for you: Will you be at the next one?

3.4.2012 | W+F: BBQ, Blues + Brew Photos by: Karson Photography

If you haven’t ever been surrounded by ultra BBQ lovers, you haven’t lived. These people have the art of smoking food down to a delicious science. In other words, don’t cross them unless you have the chops. Instead, just enjoy the fruits of their passions, an after-rain midnight-blue sky, and bluegrass sounds to end another kick ass Festival.

3.3.2012 | W+F: FIG After Party Photos by: Karson Photography

FIG’s after party was the Festival’s original, underground after party that beyond an intimate, exclusive group of chefs, you had to be very lucky to hear about. Word has spread. Great people and countless oysters filling the tented parking lot made the pouring rain (and ankle deep water) all worth it. Forget just the Festival – this is easily one of the best parties of the year.

3.1.2012 | W+F: Oak After Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Where Jeremiah Bacon puts mini burgers, steak and taleggio sandwiches, and pork belly in your path, you go. Oak hosted the first of the coveted after parties, full of great food, beautiful people, local and national chef-lebrities, black jack and roulette tables, and a lot of libations. Do whatever you need to do to get in next year.

3.1.2012 | W+F: Opening Night Photos by: Karson Photography

The Festival started off with a bang. Literally. Sean Brock’s fuel tank shot off and exploded into a dude’s wine glass. ‘Tis the fireworks we’ve come to expect from the Festival. Quentin Baxter and crew played next to a clever guy swimming in the Aquarium’s fish tank, while a sea of people danced, drank, and ate. If there’s one event to sum up the awesomeness the Festival, this is it.

3.2.2012 | W+F: Cypress After Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Night Two of the W+F madness separated the amateurs from the professionals. Fave part of the night was when Deihl and other chefs starting showing off in the kitchen – or “The Meat Room” – making it look like some kind of speed butcher reality show (vegetarians need not apply). Star-studded night from a star-studded chef. But what else did we expect?

2.24.12 | “CHARLIE: 50 Most Progressive” Launch Party Photos by: Johanna Cooper

It was the night we were waiting for and one we won’t forget. Charleston packed The Hippodrome to see, at last, their 50 Most Progressive. Our beloved sponsors treated us to hors d’oeuvres, adult beverages, music from Entropy Ensemble, cameos in Brendan James’ music video, and a dance floor à la DJ Cassidy & The Kid. One word? Epic. Thank you, Charleston.

12.15.11 | CHARLIE CLUB Cooks in the Kitchen Party Photos by: Instagram

Maybe it was the wine (Curran Creek Cab doesn’t last long, FYI). Maybe it was the Potato & Squash Bisque. Maybe it was the can’t-have-just-one sugar cookie decorating by yesUmay. Maybe it was the fantastic company. But we didn’t even miss the gingerbread house. Feeling left out? You don’t have to be. Join the club.

12.4.11 | Wine Under the Oaks Photos by: Instagram

This is how Sunday Funday’s are done. 75 and sunny in December, fantastic people, and great wines totally worth the long lines with Charlton Singleton serenading us in the background. Every month should start with wine & sunshine under the oaks.

12.3.11 | Shopping With Friends Brunch Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Only one thing could be better than Shopping with Friends: brunch in the historic Riviera Theatre beforehand! This is one of our favorite annual events for loads of reasons, the main one being that it benefits Lowcountry AIDS Services. Add in delicious food, mimosas, a live auction, and good friends aplenty, and you have one top (and tipsy) morning of shopping.

11.30.11 | CHARLIE CLUB Scavenger Hunt Photos by: Elizabeth Stuart Design

When we said “Scavenger Hunt,” we had no idea people took them so seriously. Fifteen prizes were hidden within the dashing decor that is ESD. CHARLIE CLUB members climbed walls & ladders. They crawled the floors and hoisted fashionable furniture. They tossed back Prosecco, and then went back for more. In other words, it rocked. Are you in the Club?

11.16.11 | W+F Festival Poster Unveil Party Photos by: Karson Photography

With the Festival still months away, we’ll jump at any W+F event to hold us over in the meantime. The suspense was lifted as the official art for the 2012 event was finally revealed. Attendees smiled at the poster, while sipping and supping flowing deliciousness from Whole Foods, The Pampered Palate, and Dolce Bakery. That should hold us over ’til next year…maybe.

11.13.11 | Sunday Supper with Nathalie Dupree Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

It began with cream cheese biscuits and hot pepper jelly and didn’t stop all the way to dessert. Five courses paired with wines in the small, intimate, perfect setting that is Heirloom Book Company: That’s the way to have Sunday Supper with the Grande Dame of Southern Cooking, Nathalie Dupree. Bon Appétit!

11.12.11 | JAIL BREAK 2 Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

The Old City Jail became a gallery, concert, & theater all in one, thanks to Entropy Arts and The American College of Building Arts, for the sequel one-night extravaganza that united top local visual artists, musicians, and dancers. Performances included Dancefx Charleston, Entropy Ensemble, Elise Testone and The Freeloaders, and Shovels and Rope. We can’t wait for #3.

11.7.11 | Wagener Terrace Oyster Roast Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Oh, Wagener Terrace Oyster Roast, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: Lowndes Grove Plantation, Lowcountry caterer Jamie Westendorff, all-you-can-eat oysters, BBQ, silent auction, a jump castle for the kids (and adults), and some sweet jug band sounds from Eden Fonvielle & the V-Tones. That adds up to much more than puppy love!

10.27.11 | 3rd Annual Red Party Photos by: Johanna Cooper

The “killer” Halloween party we were all waiting for went way over the Big Top, and we didn’t want it to end. Delicious drinks and fries with garlic butter mayo (yeah) made up the treats. Tricks included a guy on stilts, a G-rated Peep Show, and a dance floor full of red, vintage, and hilarious costumes. We didn’t see Bill this time. But, you never know who’s under those masks.

10.26.11 | CHARLIE CLUB Pumpkin Carving Party Photos by: Johanna Cooper

Turns out Charleston is harboring pumpkin artists. The secret’s out now and inspiration flowed thanks to ICEBOX’s amazing Pumpkin Spice Martinis and Ginger Apple Mojitos. The competition was stiff, just like the drinks, which went down scarily fast. Roti Rolls kept everyone smiling and The Shining scared the crap out of us. All in all, the night was full of treat. Are you in the Club yet?

10.15.11 | The HeArt Attack Photos by: Ben Walters

The mood at ELA was set right from the start at this once-in-a-lifetime exhibit/fundraiser/ wedding reception, with attentions fiaxted between the “Heart Beet” punch and original works on love & the heart (Hollingsworth, Lange, and more). But all eyes were on the newlyweds arrived, looking as fabulous and in love as ever. Lights glowed, music rocked, and hearts soared.

10.6.11 | Spirit Ball 2011 Photos by: Karson Photography

They did it again, but bigger. Waterfront Park had the romance, Teddy Turner killed with charisma, and the band kept the dance floor packed. This year’s Spirit Ball fundraiser for the S.C. Maritime Foundation was a recipe for swank: Amazing auctions, an illuminated Ravenel bridge, cocktails, black ties, fancy gowns, dinner, and dancing. Oh, did we mention puppies?

9.22.11 | The Dogfish Head Party Photos by: Johanna Cooper

‘Twas a night to remember south of Broad, with beer and history flowing aplenty. Dogfish Head Brewery was quite the hit with seven different beers to taste in the luxurious space of an historic Charleston home. Josh from Doghead and Denise from their local distributor, Lee Distributors, were the heroes of the evening by serving up several select and even never-before-tasted brews. Well, flavors not tasted in the South, at least.

9.9.11 | Superhero 5k Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Wow, it was like Halloween six weeks early! The West Ashley Greenway was
wild with superheroes ready to run last Saturday and it was all for a
great cause. Not only did this super-cool 5K raise funds for Yoga Benefits
Kids, it also gave runners a chance to wave their comic-book nerd
credentials proudly. After the race was run, drink specials awaited the
heroes at The Roost Bar ‘N Grille.

9.1.11 | W+F Festival Ticket Launch & Benefit Party Photos by: Karson Photography

If you were able to get a ticket for this party, you were one of the lucky ones. Held on the white sandy beaches of the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina, the night gave attendees a taste of exactly what the festival is all about: tasty food, delicious drinks, good times, and a good reason to not waste any time getting tickets, which are now available here.

8.27.11 | 8th Annual Grape Stomping Festival Photos by: Ben Walters

Under no circumstances would a bartender dipping his or her toe into your drink be acceptable. Grape stomping festivals – on the other hand – are a tradition appreciated by wine lovers the world over…well, wine lovers and those who like stepping in squishy stuff. Irvin~House Vineyards is happy to cater to either.

8.26.11 | CHARLIE CLUB Private Concert at RLS Photos by: Kira Golub

Words can’t describe this CHARLIE CLUB party. Lit by Breathe Soy candles, Robert Lange Studios held one of those perfect, warm and fuzzy kind of nights (in the middle of Irene). When two musicians tell you it’s the best stop of their tour – and “untoppable” at that – it’s something special. Will Knox and Ari Herstand, come back soon! The rest of you, time to join the CLUB.

7.28.11 | Sale Soiree Benefit for PAR Photos by: Jolie Connor

This was the third of what we hope to be many Sale Soirees benefiting People Against Rape. It was a night where fashion retailers and fashion lovers came together shop, sip champagne, mingle, and raise funds and awareness for PAR. That may sound like a lot, but it was simply a good time.

7.28.11 | LLF Local Brewery Tour Photos by: Chrys Rynearson

Lowcountry Local First was already cool. So how do you make local cool even cooler? An eco-friendly bus ride to tour the local breweries is a good start. Their LEEP BioBus transports beer lovers between Palmetto Brewing Company, COAST Brewing Company, and the Westbrook Brewing Company…tasting, touring, learning, and tasting.

7.21.11 | CHARLIE CLUB Midnight in Paris Photos by: Karson Photography

Inspired by Woody Allen’s most recent cinematic success, Cynthia Rowley threw a Parisian-themed party for CHARLIE CLUB members complete with French macaroons from Christophe Chocolates, speakeasy-style drinks from the Cocktail Club, and a collection of time-appropriate props for our photo booth!

7.15.11 | Palette and Palate Stroll Photos by: Karson Photography

We don’t know if this year’s P&P Stroll could have gone any better. The weather, gorgeous. The food, superb. The after party at RLS, always a good time. The art, even more impressive thanks to happy tummies and specialty cocktails. You see, palettes and palates really do belong together!

7.14.11 | Bastille Day Celebration at Fish Photos by: Ben Walters

You don’t need to be French to celebrate Bastille Day. When countries that are known for good food celebrate, we all win. Fish treated its guests to can-can dancers, toes in the grapes, donkeys in the streets, and everything else need to help transport them to another time and place in France. The only thing missing was Owen Wilson.

7.8.11 | CHAMPAGNE (v.) – for a Cause Photos by: Johanna Cooper

Some of us have had lots of champagne over the years (please don’t judge). Most of the time, it’s been associated with a great time. On this particular Friday night, it was also associated with a great cause, The Lowcountry Food Bank. We hope this trend builds momentum because champagne isn’t a trend.

6.23.11 | Film Meets Fashion Photos by: Jolie Connor

Film, fashion, and organic vodka – all in support of a great cause. The 1st Annual Film Meets Fashion event benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of South Carolina. The night brought together some of the best independent filmmakers and fashion designers in the area for an evening of beauty and artistic expression across multiple mediums.

6.18.11 | Ted’s Butcherblock Backyard Barbecue Block Party Photos by: Chrys Rynearson

You’ve probably been to a barbecue before, but have you ever been to a barbecue thrown by the owner of a gourmet butcher shop? Hamburgers and hotdogs become all natural Painted Hills Beef Burgers and Pulaski Brothers Kielbasa. Cans of beer in the cooler become craft beer on tap. It’s just plain magical.

6.16.11 | Art for Charity Photos by: Karson Photography

The Michael Mitchell Gallery is the biggest, brightest, most beautiful space on Upper King, which is fitting because it was initially only intended to be a pop-up for an equally beautiful project, Art for Charity. While this night’s event was the last in the current Art for Charity series, the gallery will remain open, as there is no shortage of talent in this town!

6.12.11 | CHARLIE CLUB Spoleto Finale Photos by: Andrew Stephen Cebulka

How did you get to the Spoleto Finale at Middleton Place? CHARLIE CLUB members rode in on the kind of white chariot – or trolley, depending on how romantic you’re feeling – which is only available from our friends at Absolutely Charleston, and they were greeted with a cooler full of champagne on arrival.

6.8.11 | Spoleto SCENE VIP Party Photos by: Karson Photography

We’re big on Spoleto SCENE and for good reason. It’s very important to have the younger generations involved in Spoleto – which in turn makes them very important – and very important people deserve very important parties. It just makes sense.

6.4.11 | Spoleto SCENE White Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Those Spoleto SCENEsters just keep having fun! Everyone loves a good White Party, but not everyone gets to have it in such an ideal location. SCENEsters got to have theirs on the water, which was fitting because on this particular night you could swim through the air. Humidity can’t stop this group, though. We’re from Charleston!

6.4.11 | Shen Wei Dance Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Not everyone can dance like a Shen Wei dancer, but everyone can dance at a Shen Wei Dance Party. If dancing isn’t your thing, there’s always the bar. Who knows? After a few visits, dancing might become your thing. It’s been known to happen.

5.30.11 | Spoleto SCENE Lemon Andersen After Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Lemon Andersen’s County of Kings: The Beautiful Struggle may not seem a likely fit for Spoleto, but in fact, it’s everything a Spoleto performance should be: intelligent, profound, unique, and moving. It’s the kind of good time that nobody wants to end after 75 minutes. So it necessitates an after party, right? Right.

5.27.11 | Spoleto Opening Night Fête Photos by: Karson Photography

Last year’s opening night festival, celebration, ball – I guess we can call it a fête too at this point – was the first ever. Second annual parties don’t happen without a highly successful fist year. So it’s safe to assume a third annual Opening Night Fête is guaranteed!

5.26.11 | Kcymaerxthaere & Winter Stories Opening Reception Photos by: Karson Photography

Twice Upon a Time…there was an out of this world art exhibit that was actually in this world and a visually heartening tale of Winter Stories in the midst of the Charleston summer. Obviously, there is some room for interpretation here, and that’s the fun part of Contemporary Art. One thing can be agreed upon, however. This was not an opening reception anybody wanted to miss!

5.25.11 | CHARLIE CLUB Wine & Chocolate Pairing Photos by: Ben Walters

Chocolate and wine. They have always gone together, but have you ever had them professionally paired? That’s exactly the type of palate pleasing experience we wanted our CHARLIE CLUB members to have for their June Party. Join here for your invite to the next one, and for a video of the night’s charity wine pull turned ICING, visit our Facebook wall.

5.15.11 | First Flush Festival Photos by: Karson Photography

We told you this would be the thing to do on May 15th, and – if we do say ourselves – we were right. The weather: perfect. The setting: oh so Charleston. The food: delicious. The performances: INCREDIBLE! If you didn’t make it, we hope to see you there next year!

5.13.11 | 10th Annual “It’s In The Bag” Purse Auction Photos by: Johanna Cooper

The City Gallery was the place to be on this particular Friday night, where the only sight more beautiful than 75 custom handbags were the attendees who came out to bid on them. This annual fundraiser for the Center for Women has developed quite a following. Whether you’re into purses or into those who are into purses, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

5.1.11 | Spring Social Photos by: Johanna Cooper

When good causes are met with gorgeous weather, you can’t help but be filled with the warm and fuzzies. Such was the case at this year’s Spring Social. Four beautiful homes. Four amazing bands. One great cause: Teacher’s Supply Closet.

4.28.11 | CHARLIE CLUB Bourbon Tasting Photos by: Johanna Cooper

What did we learn about tornado warnings? They don’t scare anyone on their way to a bourbon tasting. Maybe CHARLIE CLUB members are optimists. Either way, everyone in attendance had their glasses more than half full for the first in a series of monthly CHARLIE CLUB Parties. Join here for your invite to the next one.

4.21.11 | Water Ball Photos by: Karson Photography

This annual fundraiser for the Charleston Waterkeeper puts supporters of the clean water non-profit on the water, for the water, while drinking water…and vodka. This year’s Water Ball featured some of our faves, including live music from Entropy Ensemble, food from Cru Catering, and desserts from Wild Flower Pastry and Roots Ice Cream.

4.20.11 | Spoleto SCENE Kickoff Party Photos by: Karson Photography

There are kickoff parties for those who want to be seen. Then there are THE kickoff parties for those who want to be on the SCENE. When it goes down in the gardens of the Spoleto Festival USA headquarters, it’s a case of the latter.

4.16.11 | Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week Photos by: Karson Photography

It was one of those times when we were all glad the local weather teams were so wrong. Despite the foul weather scares, the Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week enjoyed an AMAZING weekend, and we were there in the water and at the party.

4.13.11 | Re-Nude: Celebrate the Body Photos by: Jolie Connor

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the body? We’ve all got one. Eye Level Art looks to do just that with their annual Re-Nude art show, which features art of multiple mediums, all dedicated to the human form and a good cause: 50% of art sales went to Planned Parenthood!

4.6.11 | Lend a Hand to Japan Photos by: Karson Photography

Serving sushi in an aquarium could be considered just plain wrong – or hilarious – depending on your brand of humor, but when in support of such a great cause, it should be appreciated by all. Such was the case at this amazing event, where 100% of ticket sales and auction proceeds went to benefit the American Red Cross and the Japanese Association of Zoos & Aquariums.

3.26.11 | Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Photos by: Karson Photography

Few events in the South produce more photos of beautiful people in creative ensembles than Charleston Fashion Week. Here’s a look at some of our favorite images from the Style Lounge and runway. Enjoy!

3.6.11 | W+F Fest: BBQ, Blues + Brew Photos by: Ben Walters

The Sunday night sendoff for the 2011 Charleston Wine+Food Festival was packed with people, great food, and the rollicking music of Charleston’s own Blue Dogs. It was a fitting end to another epic year for the festival.

3.5.11 | W+F Fest: FIG After Party Photos by: Caroline Millard

The only thing better than a good party in Charleston, is three nights of good parties in Charleston. The Wine+Food set held strong Saturday night for the final big shindig at FIG. Mike Lata as host always makes for an immensely popular party, packed elbow-to-elbow with all the chefs, visiting chefs (i.e. Top Chef Carla Hall and Bryan Voltaggio), and hangers on.

3.5.11 | W+F Fest: Festival After Hours Photos by: Johanna Cooper

This year’s addition of late-night food (i.e. tacos, sliders) was a welcomed relief to sweets overload at Festival After Hours. Foie gras cotton candy (C&B) and an out-of-this world chocolate churro (Embassy Suites of all places!) combined with green mustaches and an impromptu limbo competition made for a great night.

3.4.11 | W+F Fest: Husk After Party Photos by: Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Hosted by Sean Brock, Husk’s after party was arguably THE after party of the Wine+Food Festival. Lucky attendees who made it in (even Bill Murray got denied at the door) drank moonshine well into the wee hours of what became Saturday morning. Pork was everywhere. Some waited until it was pulled from the pig. Some could not and went in mouth first. A++

3.4.11 | W+F Fest: King Street Sip + Stroll Photos by: Karson Photography

Sixteen stores, nineteen wines, and one street: King Street. That was the scene as Sip + Stroll ticket holders indulged in a wide variety of wine and hors d’oeuvres, while strolling in and out of a collection of the finest boutiques that Charleston has to offer. Sponsored by Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q, this event is always a must for wine, food, and fashion lovers.

3.3.11 | W+F Fest: Oak After Party Photos by: Karson Photography

If a chef’s name is “Bacon,” go to his after party. Jeremiah Bacon, the loved chef now hailing over Oak Steakhouse, hosted the first W+F Fest after party du jour. Top Chef stars and a woman falling off her bar stool…all the stuff great after parties are made of!

3.3.11 | W+F Fest: Opening Night Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Every W+F Fest event is sweet, but this one is just magical. Sponsored by the Art Institute of Charleston, the Salute to Charleston’s Chefs: Opening Night Party excited attendees’ palates with culinary creations from twenty-five of the best restaurants in Charleston. Serenaded by The Quentin Baxter Ensemble, the scene was further enhanced with an open-air cabana and cigar lounge.

2.27.11 | Chefs’ Feast Photos by: Karson Photography

The first big event for foodies this week wasn’t a W+F Fest event. It was the twelfth annual Chef’s Feast. Founded by Chef Robert Carter of the Peninsula Grill and benefitting the Lowcountry Food Bank, this year’s event brought out over 900 supporters ready to sample edible delights from twenty-six of Charleston’s best chefs.

2.26.11 | Brewvival 2011 Photos by: Karson Photography

The second annual Brewvival Festival, organized by Charleston’s own COAST Brewing Company and the Charleston Beer Exchange, saw twice as many attendees this year. In addition to enjoying over eighty craft beers from some of the best breweries in the world, festival goers were also rewarded with delicious food, great music, and amazing weather – a true Charleston experience.

2.20.11 | Ovis Hill Barn Raising Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Local farmer Charlie Caldwell felt the true power of Charleston’s community. Not only was the money needed to rebuild his farm (lost during a recent fire) raised in full, donations were made over and above to help him replenish his livestock. Food from top local chefs made this a perfect casual gathering with 500 of your closest friends, and yesUmay cookies sweetened the deal.

2.8.11 | Fashion Group International Photos by: Jolie Connor

The Fashion Group International comes to Charleston with their debut event at The Harbour Club. This non-profit organization celebrates and supports fashion, accessories, and beauty from around the globe. Guests enjoyed a video slide-show and panel discussion from the pros, along with networking with Charleston’s leading industry professionals.

1.30.11 | The Lowcountry Oyster Festival 2011 Photos by: Ben Walters

We came, we shucked, we conquered. Oysters, beer and sunny skies provided the perfect backdrop for this years’ Oyster Festival at Boone Hall Plantation. Lovers of those slimy mollusks’ downed them by the cup-full in the raw oyster eating contest as two gigantic tractor trailers pulled in refills to make sure no one’s bucket ever went empty.

1.27.11 | Seeking Indigo’s Vintage Cowboy Boot Trunk Show Photos by: Dee Dee Arthur

Seeking Indigo hosted a trunk show of deliciously colorful vintage cowboy and cowgirl boots. Hipsters, yogis, Buddha heads, and babies were finding their sole mates and swaggering around in front of full-length mirrors.

1.15.11 | Charleston Marathon 2011 Photos by: Ben Walters

Runners from 43 states hit the pavement at Charleston’s very 1st marathon. Race day broke with a heavy frost and 2,939 runners racing to the 5k, 10k, half marathon & marathon finish lines, to then be awarded with medals, food and The Blue Dogs concert. We don’t know how they do it- but it is an event that promises to become a winter staple in the low county, all 26.2 miles of it.

1.19.11 | Gourmet & Grapes Preview Party Photos by: Johanna Cooper

So maybe we originally went because it was at Terri Henning’s penthouse, a.k.a. the most spectacular place in…well, anywhere. But then we learned about Gourmet & Grapes, Kiawah’s W+F fest, benefiting MUSC Hollings Cancer Center. The flawless views took a back seat to the doctors and cancer survivors opening our eyes to their cause. G&G. April 2011. It’s on.

1.15.11 | Fuel Winter Party Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Yes, it can snow in Charleston, especially when the Caribbean-style cantina known as FUEL decides to give the winter weather a helping hand. Live music from Jason and the Juggernauts, DJ Jeff from Electric Friends, snowboarding and ice aplenty made this a winter party to remember.

1.10.11 | Mixologist Competition at Social Photos by: Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Shaken, stirred, mix and voted on! Some of the best mixologists from some of our favorite local restaurants came together to create unique libations for your tasting. The night ensured plenty of friendly competition and delectable hors d’ oeuvres. If this event was just a teaser to the rest of W + F Festival, our mouths are watering as we type.

12.16.10 | Tim Hussey’s “Drown Then Swim” Photos by: Ben Walters & Dee Dee Arthur

Spotted among the well-heeled crowd were; actors, artists and Hussey’s inspiring work showcasing his metamorphosis as an artist. The pinnacle of the encounter was the artist’s talk. Fortunately the projector was broken (accident?), forcing Tim to lead an entourage of admirers through the exhibit while talking candidly about his evolution of his artistic journey.

12.10.10 | King Street Shop Walk Photos by: Johanna Cooper

Ladies (and gentlemen) grab your passports and pack your bags because this year King Street Shop Walk took you away to the land of discounted shopping and complimentary hot chocolate bars! It was a fun day of shopping for The Center for Women, socializing and winning prizes from local retailers. Sounds like an event you shouldn’t of missed!

12.9.10 | Festival of Wreaths Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

It was a night of holiday cheer, silent auctions and good causes. The champagne was flowing and the rock star judges (CHARLIE was one of them) were deciding which wreaths would take home the coveted “judges choice,” this year. Everyone was dressed to the nines in holiday attire and best part–the benefits go to South Carolina’s premier children’s hospital.

12.5.10 | Wine Under the Oaks Photos by: Johanna Cooper

Charleston Wine + Food Festival kicked off its poster unveiling event with Wine Under the Oaks at Boone Hall Plantation. Local food & wine lovers came for bites (Best in Show: Slatherin’ Sauce meatballs) and sips (Best in Show: Palmetto Distributors’ Fritz Zinfandel / Ben Arnold’s Kato Sauvingon Blanc). Christmas décor and huge wine sales. Our cup runneth over.

10.28.10 | The Red Party Photos by: Mike Bills

From Lady Gaga in red lace (fake) to Bill Murray on the dance floor (real), the annual Red Party at the Old City Jail has become our favorite Halloween party of the year. Costumes, masks and a whole lotta red – make sure you get yourself a ticket next year.

9.24.10 | MOJA Kick-off Photos by: Ben Walters

Spotted at Hampton Park: Beautiful, colorful costumes and smiling, happy faces celebrating culture in Charleston. Local dancers unite with The Kinobe band and Soul Beat Africa from Uganda, to kick-off MOJA at the Customs House, bringing music and soul to the Lowcountry. These pictures make us want to get up and dance!

10.1.10 | Nathan Durfee Opening at Robert Lange Studios Photos by: Ben Walters and Dee Dee Arthur

Beloved artist, Nathan Durfee (or known to us locals as “Durf”), created quite the story for his solo show at Robert Lange Studios. Hordes of admirers came to see his latest, “The Soft Embrace of a Porcelain,” all while getting lost in Durfee’s canvas dreams and Magnolia’s yummy cakes.

10.26.10 | The Unpacking Party Photos by: Ben Walters

It’s Christmas in October! CHARLIE CLUBbers got together for a private unpacking party, where they uncrated and got the sneak peek of international art works coming in from all around the world for Robert Lange Studios biggest show of the year, Women Painting Women. Who knew crowbars and wine went so well together?

10.16.10 | Ted’s Butcherblock 5th Anniversary Photos by: Dee Dee Arthur

Ted’s Butcherblock hosted a block party (how apropos!) to celebrate its big 5-year anniversary. Standouts: live bluegrass by The Bushels; samples of Ted’s pates, dips, cookies and wine; a full buffet of smoked oysters, smoked duck, a whole hog, tiny biscuits and heavenly potato salad; beer on tap and perfect weather. Counting down to year 6.

9.23.10 | D’Vine Affair Photos by: Mike Bills

It’s Fall. You know what that means. Benefit season is in high gear. The D’Vine Affair was no exception with great food, wine and auction items to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. The highlight of the evening was absolutely the incredibly fun Irish bluegrass band, Moonlight Ale, along with the amusing close-dancer.

9.18.10 | Rolling of the Bulls Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

A chance to hang out with the crash hot Lowcountry High Rollers at a benefit for the Folly Beach Relief Fund and the Folly Beach Chapter of Surfers Healing? We are so there! The gals started out by chasing runners across Folly in a “Rolling of the Bulls” and ended up at Blu for a post-roll celebration that included a dunk tank, live music, and good food & drink for all.

9.2.10 | W+F Festival Ticket Launch & Benefit Party Photos by: Mike Bills

If Charleston Wine + Food Festival is stamped on something, make it a point to go. They can do no wrong. It was a good time had by all at this ticket launch & benefit party, celebrating the Festival’s 2011 beneficiary, Lowcountry Local First, and giving us a sneak peek – and taste – into our favorite four days of the year.

9.1.10 | Ultimate Critics Dinner Photos by: Karson Photography

By now, we all know we have ridiculously good food in Charleston. However, this may just be the “dinner of all dinners.” Bacon, Brock, Deihl, Lata, Lee, Weaver, Mitterer. Icing on the cake was the night’s host extraordinaire, Mickey Bakst. Perfect food, wine and ambiance. Fingers crossed it will become an annual event.

7.22.10 | The Sale Soiree Photos by: Mike Bills

The Sale Soiree. More appropriately described as The Sweat Soiree. Ah, but that’s Charleston summer for you. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation teamed up with Charleston’s fashion elite for a shopaholic’s dream party, complete with great deals on big fashion, yummy cocktails, and of course, plenty of sweat to go around.

7.22.10 | Spoleto Party Cirque Photo Booth Photos by: Sully Sullivan

Well, it’s official. Glammed up photo booths are all the rage. And we had one of the coolest at the CHARLIE Party Cirque back during Spoleto. Guests unleashed their inner actor and had a field day. Sorry we held out on you, but they’re worth the wait. Contact the talented if you’d like to order any to show off to random dinner guests.

7.14.10 | Bastille Day at FISH Photos by: Hailey Ezekiel

France. Giving us all kinds of reasons to celebrate in Charleston. The french fry. The french kiss. And, of course, FISH’s Bastille extravaganza. Can-can dancers on the bar, a grape stomper (ew) and a guillotine station where a poor potato would meet its pomme frites end. With so many folks in costume, it’s now Halloween every July 14.

7.15.10 | CHARLIE CLUB Windpath Event Photos by: Karson Photography

Ahoy Mateys! CHARLIE CLUB members were wined and dined by Windpath Charleston at a private party on the City Marina dock surrounding the Endeavor sailing yacht. A live acoustic guitar & vocals duo, and a spectacular sunset, added to the intimate evening. A good time had by all, it wouldn’t be surprising if a few stragglers were still hiding aboard.

6.12.10 | Spoleto SCENE White Party Photos by: Karson Photography

As always, a sea of white marks the end of Spoleto. Spoleto SCENE’s White Party was an elegantly fresh finish, with swarms of young patrons decked out in white (did someone dare to wear a colored vest??), contemporary art, a big white house and rooftop dancing. Until next year, Spoletians.

6.10.10 | Spoleto Oyster Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Spoleto’s Oyster was deliciously odd and Spoleto’s Oyster after party was deliciously fun. Whether it was the hot, sticky night or the seemingly extra strong cocktails, party goers were in great spirits, sucking down the new must-have at any summer garden party: popsicles from Sugar Bake Shop. Late night enchiladas topped off the grand fiesta, Charleston style.

6.5.10 | CHARLIE Party Cirque Photos by: Karson Photography

We are humble in talking about how awesome the CHARLIE Spoleto Cirque party was because it wasn’t about us at all – instead about the generosity of so many people in CHS. Guests rocked circus chic costumes for the Die Roten Punkte post-party, complete with a photo booth, hopeful party crashers- and abandoned cut off pant legs as remnants – this one will go down in history.

6.5.10 | Gate Theatre Party Photos by: Karson Photography

The Gate Theatre’s Present Laughter has easily been the most raved over show of the Spoleto season, so its only fitting that the party would be top notch. The pinky raising crowd partied in elegant style amongst classic cars, a spectacularly dressed mansion and a grand pianist under the stars. It’s the Great Gatsby, folks. Right here in Charleston.

6.4.10 | Brendan James at RLS Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Robert Lange knows a good thing when he sees it. Lange’s gallery hosted a private concert featuring his childhood friend, singer/songwriter Brendan James. All were engulfed in James’ liquid voice and poignant lyrics, it was easily one of the best events…ever. Come back again soon, Brendan. Signed, your new biggest fan.

5.31.10 | Spoleto SCENE Gallim Party Photos by: Mike Bills

The young patrons of Spoleto took over an empty parking garage for a full on neon graffiti dance rave. The dancers from Spoleto’s Gallim performance troop were the focal point on the hot, sweaty dance floor and DJ “Party Dad” kept everyone swinging their glow sticks. Spoleto parties + random locales = 2 thumbs up.

5.28.10 | Spoleto Fete Photos by: Karson Photography

Grand ma shots? Check. Colored trees? Check. Nigel Redden, Mayor Riley and the ballet dancers from Trockadero on the dance floor? Check. The festival headquarters (which we’ll take over the Gaillard any day) was the perfect backdrop for the fancy fete and welcomed the official start of Spoleto with open arms.

5.19.10 | Pecha Kucha VI Photos by: Karson Photography

Never have you been so inspired in 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The show stealers: Painter Joel Parker’s ritualistic depiction of college, Artist/Videographer Kevin Harrison’s moving short film, and TwitPic Founder Noah Everett’s recap of the fame and fortune of the American Dream. The bottom line: Do what you love and don’t wuss out.

5.12.10 | Flavors of Art Photos by: Karson Photography

The best new art gallery just opened right on King Street. It’s called Charleston Grill. It now showcases fine art from a dozen CFADA galleries, all for sale. Opening night – complete with great music by Quentin and a make-your-own seared tuna taco bar – marked the Grill as the new hot spot for art and food lovers alike.

5.2.10 | Chef’s Potluck Photos by: Austin Dandridge

Lowcountry Local First is like the Oprah of CHS. Everything it touches turns to gold. Case in point: The Annual Chef’s Potluck. The perfect day (78 & sunny) and perfect venue (Middleton) were the perfect backdrop for incredible food (pork and strawberries seemed to be the recurring themes.) Any event that continues on 2 hrs after its scheduled end gets a gold success star.

4.21.10 | Spoleto SCENE Kick-Off Party Photos by: Karson Photography

If the sold out kick-off party at the Dock Street Theater is any indication, Spoleto SCENE (the young patrons of Spoleto) is going to be off the charts come May. A sea of 20- & 30-something lovers of the arts milled around the newly reopened spectacular theater, sweet tea bourbon in hand. ‘Tis just the beginning of parties for this group, become a SCENEster today.

4.1.10 | Dock Street Reopening Gala Photos by: Mike Bills

One of the most significant theaters in America, our very own Dock Street, unveils its 3-year facelift. And is she perty. The Gala was filled with Spoletians in their black tie finest. On tap was cocktails, performances by opera and theater stars discovered on that very stage, a fancy dinner by Cru and music led by Geoff Nuttall – a genius musician with Patrick Swayze charm.

3.25.10 | The Water Ball Photos by: Karson Photography (+ a few of our favs from the Olive Photo Booth)

Cyrus Buffum – a.k.a. the Charleston Waterkeeper – was like a young Robert Kennedy at his mission’s first big fundraiser. He captivated the crowd, making everyone severely passionate about clean water. Among the dancing and peanut butter filled Godiva chocolates, The inflatable Dome stole the show, transporting you back to your wide-eyed days at the Planetarium.

3.17.10 | Logan Trunk Show Photos by: Karson Photography

Fact: Hampden Clothing is without a doubt, absolutely, positively perhaps THE best boutique in Charleston. Fact: Logan Neitzel is without a doubt, absolutely, positively perhaps THE best (looking) contestant to step foot on “Project Runway.” It’s only fitting the two would pair up during CFW. ahhh…take a deep breath of that fresh, daring, edgy, beautiful air on King St.

3.20.10 | Charleston Fashion Week Finale Photos by: Mike Bills

Sure, the top three emerging designers competed on the runway, but what really summed up the Charleston Fashion Week finale was the party. PDA rocked the lighting, video and sound under the tents, bartenders rocked the open bar and party goers just rocked, turning the runway into a dance floor more crowded than Trio during a bachelorette party.

3.12.10 | Fashion Is Art II Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Eye candy galore pretty well sums up this intimate gathering of fashion fanatics in CHS at Margo Kaufman Gallery’s 2nd annual “Fashion Is Art” party. It seemed like everyone was snapping pictures and for good reason: between the sassy designs, interesting art, and smiling faces, there was a pretty picture to be made everywhere. An outstanding kick-off to CFW.

3.5.10 | Wine Around the Garden Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Several top small production wineries set amidst the gorgeous gardens of Middleton Plantation. Guests strolled leisurely, tasting wine and becoming fast friends with each tilt of the glass. Fred Neuville’s pulled BBQ sandwiches and corn/boiled peanut salad, along with The Art Institute’s creamy shrimp and grits, were a life saver to the all day drinkers. As was the transport bus.

3.6.10 | Bubbles & Sweets Photos by: Mike Bills

Lots of familiar faces among the sea of bubble filled folks, skipping from dessert table to champagne bar to dance floor. It starts with an Ice Louge and ends with people jumping on stage to dance to the last Lady Gaga cover. Furry handcuffs are forevermore deemed “adult candy.” Welcome to Bubbles & Sweets V.

3.5.10 | Sip + Stroll Photos by: Karson Photography

Shop – or drink – ’til you drop.

3.5.10 | Oh, What A Party! Mickey Style Photos by: Karson Photography

Tyler Florence, Daniel Boulud, Top Chef fan favorites, Charleston chefs and hangers on: All under the intoxicating spell of Quentin Baxter and Mickey Bakst.

3.6.10 | Oh, What A Party! Lata Style Photos by: Karson Photography

Daniel Boulud picks up fans and swings them around. Mike Lata jumps up on tables while his disciples look up with expectant wide eyes. Sean Brock blushes as photos circulate. A hundred party goers swig from the passed bottles of bourbon. IMHO, it’s a true shame the FIG after party comes but once a year.

3.4.10 | Oh What a Party! Opening Night Photos by: Karson Photography

Bacon marmalade. Bone marrow bread pudding. Totter tots (“head, shoulders, knees and toes”). Top Chef celebs. Charleston chef celebs. Cigar bars. Ginger bourbon cocktails. Wine, food, food, wine. Welcome Charleston Wine + Food Fest.

1.30.09 | Mardi Gras 2010 Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Krewe of Charleston? Mardi Gras in the Holy City? Donnie Bulliard brought a Louisiana swagger to the Memminger Auditorium as Captain of the Krewe, Chef Brett McKee of Oak and 17 North reigned as King, and a whole host of local luminaries presided as the New First Baptist Church Choir of Edisto Island belted out some sweet sounds. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

1.27.10 | Fork + Brush Photos by: Karson Photography

Eye Level Art’s first of many art-meets-food dinners came off without a hitch. The space was transformed into an intimate dining room full of fast friends. The stars of the night were artist Kevin Taylor and Iverson of Iverson Catering, whose food was as artful as the paintings. The topic of conversation du jour: Which is darker: Taylor’s art or prime time television?

1.24.10 | Dear John Premiere Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

We love Channing Tatum, but have to admit it was more of a thrill to see Charleston so gorgeously presented in Dear John, premiering at the Hippodrome in a Hollywood meets Holy City night to remember. The Folly Beach Pier, Bowen’s Island, CofC, all things that are so familiar to us were there, larger than life. Best of all, $100,000 was raised for Carolina Autism.

1.16.10 | RENT Cast Party Photos by: Karson Photography

Not only is the NY Broadway cast of RENT singing in Charleston, they’re singing in living rooms. Bob and Karen Siegel hosted a “SOHO Meets South of Broad” party for the cast of RENT and a crowd of Charleston locals. The voices of the entire ensemble, accompanied by a grand piano, filled the intimate confines of the room, easily one of the best shindigs of 2010.

1.21.10 | Pecha Kucha V Photos by: Karson Photography

Pecha Kucha. That is not a sneeze. It’s a movement to celebrate the inspiration behind creative forces in cities all over the world. The 5th one in Charleston was a hit (and we’re not just saying that because we presented). From the hilarious emcee Michael Gray and fascinating presenters, it was one for the books. Sold out within a few days, better get your 2010 PK tickets now.

12.03.09 | Water The Future Fundraiser Photos by: Chrys Rynearson

Between the live touch tank (sting rays, blow fish and sea spiders, oh my!), the moveable planetarium bubble showing educational films, and Cyrus Buffum’s speech that would make everyone on the planet care about our waterways, The Charleston Waterkeeper’s 1st anniversary party was a huge hit. Time to go out there and enjoy our waterways. Just keep it clean, folks.

12.10.09 | Festival of Wreaths Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Palmetto Café at Charleston Place Hotel was overflowing with good cheer as guests mingled in the spirit of the holiday season for this wonderful event benefiting MUSC Children’s Hospital. Free flowing champagne and music from Silver Lining kept the evening chipper as people clamored to “win” their fav wreath at auction. A great 4th year for this festive fundraiser

12.04.09 | Shopping with Friends Kick-Off Cocktails Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

The 6th annual Shopping with Friends, a fundraiser benefiting Lowcountry AIDS Services, opened with an evening at Saks. Guests had tons of fun at the photo shoot with makeup and wardrobe styling by Saks. A great party and head start on holiday shopping. And shopping at one of the 60+ Red Ribbon Retailers means you’ll be contributing to a very worthy cause.

11.22.09 | Guerrilla Cuisine’s 2nd Anniversary Dinner Photos by: Samantha Test

From jimihatt (“My lithium just kicked in – did you see that?!”) to jolly featured Chef Fred Neuville, welcome to Guerrilla Cuisine. Favs: pate with duck fat biscuit & blue cheese with truffle frites (guests stuffed extras in their purses) and chocolate toffee bread pudding with pancetta & butternut squash ice cream (the announcement alone invoked screams & applause).

10.29.09 | The RED Party Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

The Old City Jail is already said to be the most haunted building in CHS, but the American College of the Building Arts made it even spookier for this fundraising masquerade. A deep red glow and cobwebs greeted guests as they navigated their way to the courtyard, where a silent auction, food and drink awaited them. The silent auction included trips to Mexico and South Africa, art, dinner packages, and more. Red masks are the new black.

11.7.09 | Kulture Klash Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Talk about an absolute smorgasbord of creativity. Works by more than 50 local artists, painters slapping colors on canvas, music and dancing everywhere, a bicycle polo match and some hot BMX action complete with ramps and daredevil stunts. We loved the rocking vibe of Short Shorts as they delivered a powerhouse performance on stage and we stood in awe before Fletcher Crossman’s massive masterpiece, The Apple Thief. Welcome to Underground Charleston.

11.21.09 | Redux Annual Art Auction Photos by: Samantha Test

The bidding starts at supporting your local community. This was the 7th annual 2009 edition – a one-of-a-kind event with only-in-charleston artwork. The set was replete with a packed-to-capacity Center For Photography, heavy hors d’oeuvres (just say yes to deviled eggs) and champagne, wine and beer from Social. The palpable energy had the room humming in excitement. Redux as one of our favorite art centers? Going once, going twice, sold.

10.23.09 | Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art Opening Photos by: Alexis Candela

You know the big, giant, weird eyeball you’ve been seeing around town? The one that just says, “you will see?” Well, we did. We saw. And we were in awe. The inaugural exhibition at the Halsey Institute is something you’ll just have to see with your own little eyeball. The opening celebration was a sight in itself, complete with live dance performance and the Taylor Festival Choir. Viva Halsey!

10.11.09 | Field Feast Photos by: Karson Photography

At least 150 people made it out to Walterboro, SC to the Keegan Filion Farm to indulge in Chef Mike Lata’s barn-side cuisine at the Lowcountry Field Feast. Among the chicken coupes, some guests were hayriding (mason jar of Jack Daniels Punch in hand), while others were joyriding test-spin Land Rovers, but all gathered family-style for the main event. Salad with farm egg vinaigrette, squash mezzaluna with crispy pancetta, Keegan Filion pork three ways and a sticky sorghum pudding with creme fraiche. Pig smell vs. Mike Lata? Lata wins every time.

10.15.09 | Upper King Design Walk Photos by: Karson Photography

Upper King Design Walk. Walking + shopping + free champagne = fun. That pretty much sums it up.

9.19.09 | Art Lock In Photos by: Christina Bailey

103 Spring Street was a packed house with people clamoring to see what 20 artists could do when locked in a confined space with each other for 20 hours. Amazingly, no artist tried to climb over the back wall for freedom, but what did happen at the Art Lock In was collaboration, producing pieces infused with influences from a multitude of talents. Screen prints, sculptures, paintings, puzzles, people, DJs, dancing. Survey says? Lock ’em back up.

9.13.09 | Fuel Block Party Photos by: Jason A. Zwiker

Fuel knows how to throw a block party: bring in plenty of eco-friendly 360 Vodka, play some awesome live music, add a water slide to take the edge off the late afternoon sun, and gather some of the coolest environmentally conscious kids in town (folks like Green Drinks Charleston and Charleston Waterkeeper). This was definitely a party that gave the long, hot summer of ’09 one great big goodbye kiss!

9.10.09 | Style Swap Photos by: Karson Photography

If Rodeo Drive were to spawn a hip, edgy, punk rocking child this would be it. The second installment of Style Swap had DJ’s spinning, flashes popping and ravenous shoppers thrashing through the best of local Charlestonites’ gently used clothes and accessories. An impromptu round of Duck Duck Goose was a highlight. Shoppers: hundreds. Casualties: minimal.

9.4.09 | Measure: Creatures Great + Small Photos by: Alexis Candela

There’s an art walk and then there’s a show at Robert Lange Studios. Stylish and interesting people packed in, others overflowed onto East Bay, for a look at Lange’s newest collection. The crowd drank sangria, contemplated the paintings’ meanings and sported dog tags around their necks, engraved with the location of Lange’s new gallery. Countdown to Oct. 2.

8.27.09 | London Calling Photos by: Mike Bills

Attending an all-denim fashion show put on by Gwynn’s hosted at Shine can almost make you think you live in another city. The crowd and atmosphere was posh, but we loved the retro elements like Shine’s new outside tent complete with astroturf. Now if only they’d add in some putt-putt holes…

8.07.09 | Bob Croslin’s Opening Night Photos by: Samantha Test

Photographer Bob Croslin showcased his portrait-with-an-edge style at this photo exhibit at the Charleston Center for Photography. Perplexed attendees pondered (a) why there was zero alcohol at this event (it is Charleston, afterall) and (b) how this older white guy became the photographer du jour for hip hop culture, music pumped loudly and hip hop dancers entertained. A highlight was the makeshift studio where portraits were being snapped free of charge. Interesting, free and not full of the usual suspects…bring on the next one!

8.16.09 | Guerrilla Cuisine 2.13 Photos by: iPhone

This almost R-rated Guerrilla Cuisine featured Chef Brett McKee, Bizzaro Burlesque dancers (tassels included) and about 100 people ranging from foodies and artists to dentists and architects. The seven-course meal, including beef carpaccio, braised short ribs and Brett’s “bad a*@” cobbler, will have anyone in attendance back again and again. Nothing but love, Guerrilla.

7.26.09 | YOLO “Narcissus” Party at Tristan Photos by: Caroline Millard and Charleston Picture Company

A new theme of events – “You Only Live Once” – brought to us by White Tuxedo Productions by way of San Fran. Tristan hopes to host them once a month, each with a naughty theme, such as this one surrounding narcissism. Walls flanked with mirrors, food (we tried our first cheesehead), music, art, a fashion show and dancers? Check. Fav feature: a photo opp where people posed in front of an antique mirror, just to have it projected moments later on the big screen in the center of the party. Thank goodness there was no deep water in the room.

7.22.09 | Margo Kauffman “Contemporary Women” Photos by: Mike Bills

The empty space (we miss you, Nancy Koltes) at 438 King St was transformed into a hot, sweaty but fabulous gallery Wednesday night, featuring the best of contemporary women artists in Charleston. Mussels, beets with meat (?) and tiny chocolate cakes supplemented the wine and bubbles being served by Margo-t-shirt-clad bartenders. Goodies from women-owned businesses stuffed the goodie bags in recognition of the night’s beneficiary, Center for Women. Two facts are perfectly clear post-party. First, it is hot in Charleston. Second, Jeffrey Rhodes knows how to throw one hell of a party.

7.14.09 | Bastille Day at Fish Photos by: Jason Zwiker

The Pernod and absinthe were flowing freely and the dancers from Charleston Ballet were fabulous, whether they were doing the Can-Can or just striking a pose outside of Fish Restaurant on King. We loved the French themed menu and the Marie Antoinette was spot-on sensational. This is a Bastille Day celebration we’ll happily break out the berets for.

7.17.09 | Palette and Palate Stroll Photos by: iPhone

Stroll? Please. More like a sprint. Hundreds of people excitedly scurried from gallery to gallery for their fill of art and small bites from our top chefs during this fantastic, sold-out annual art walk to the tenth power. Some highlights: McCrady’s crab cake in sweet corn deliciousness and Circa 1886’s tomato and truffle gazpacho served in a flute. Post party at the Robert Lange Gallery was filled with live jazz and our favorite art of the night. Come again, oh magnificent stroll.

5.30.09 | Spoleto Cedar Lake Party Photos by: JMC Charleston

Mitchell Crosby, host extraordinaire, welcomed hundreds of finely dressed ballet goers to celebrate the Cedar Lake contemporary ballet at the beautifully decorated Citadel. Champagne and ice cream fountains, Bloody Mary tastings in shotglass-shaped ice, a girl in a bubble and little hot air balloons that looked like magic on the field were some of the highlights. And the after-after-party showed just how free ballet dancers are…performances in the buff!

6.05.09 | Spoleto SCENE White Party Photos by: Caroline Millard

A whirl of Charleston’s finest decked out in white frocks to celebrate Don John and Dogugaeshi. Party goers noshed on cotton candy and cherry mousse while sipping blackberry lemonade cocktails inside the historic house on E. Bay St. and outside under twinkling lights in the garden. Sighting of Don John himself? Check.

5.29.09 | CHARLIE’s Spoleto SCENE Party Photos by: Matthew Morse and Caroline Millard

Charleston Goes Punk with CHARLIE’s Spoleto SCENE after party for World Inferno Friendship Society’s Addicted to Bad Ideas. Inventive and delish bites by JBC, free flowing drinks from Ice Box and Crushed Fine Wine, cool art by NYC artist Ben Hollingsworth and an exciting scratch show by the Bubble Guts Brothers rounded out the evening. Let’s not forget the big “interactive” bed in the middle of the party. No wonder it became known as “the Spoleto party to crash.”

5.28.09 | Spoleto SCENE Punch Brothers Party Photos by: Caroline Millard

Hosted by Hall’s Chophouse, this Spoleto SCENE party was a standout with a great crowd of people and our new favorite band, the Punch Brothers. A few stayed late enough to witness the impromptu jam session that broke out when front man Chris Thile (of Nickel Creek fame) put his magic hands on his mandolin. Bluegrass never sounded so good.

5.29.09 | CHARLIE’s Spoleto SCENE party – Photobooth Photos by: YOU! (with the help of Matthew Morse)

Charleston Goes Punk with CHARLIE’s Spoleto SCENE after party for World Inferno Friendship Society’s Addicted to Bad Ideas. One of the biggest highlights from the party was the infamous photobooth set up by CHARLIE’s resident photographer. Who ever knew posing while you photograph yourself under studio lights via a remote control could be so much fun!

6.13.09 | Ones and Zeroes Photos by: Caroline Millard

Steamy air and white wine sangria filled the night at Eye Level Art’s Warehouse for its Radiohead inspired Ones and Zeroes party. Hundreds of party-goers packed in to listen to the band, bid on art and check out the people outside under the light of a wall projection. The best part? Some very cool art actually sold! Party person/art buyer combined = a killer combo.