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Enjoy our fantastic city more than ever.

CHARLIE CLUB is all about experiencing your city and coming together with like-minded people as great as you. The CLUB features two components - "The Perk" and "The Party" - changing every month to keep you endlessly entertained.

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Charlie Club Perks

Every month, you’ll get a new spectacular perk from one of our faves. Perks have included:

"The Perk is always a unique, thoughtful and creative treat…a 'surprise' that I'm never going to turn down!"

Perks are good for the entire featured month. Perks are for card holder only.

Charlie Club Party

Every month, you’ll be invited to a social gathering with other CLUB members. Parties have included:

"The best events I've been to in Charleston…ever."

Parties are for card holder plus one. While some super special events may include a ticket price, most CLUB parties are free.

Charlie Club Charlie Club Charlie Club

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Annual Memberships

Since we're all about "the more, the merrier" over at CHARLIE, we're offering group membership incentives. Enjoy increasing 20% and 30% discounts with each additional person who joins with you.

Membership Closed

You will receive your CHARLIE CLUB membership card within two weeks of your order. Each month, you’ll get an email informing you of your Perk and Party for that month, which will also be listed at You must show your CLUB card to redeem all Perks and Parties. CLUB cards are non-transferable. Please contact with any questions. Enjoy!

Lucky you! As a CHARLIE CLUB member,
this month you get to enjoy:



Who would want a Singapore Sling without the Sling? No one. And that’s why this month’s Perk is a batch of your very own Jack Rudy Grenadine. All the way from a family farm in Cali, the pomegranate juice is sure to give your cocktail an extra zip. Very important for the holidays. Plus, you get to support local mastermind Brooks Reitz, who is 29 going on famous.



What better way to close out the year than a Rockstar Brunch? Be our guest at the big end of year launch party for CHARLIE: The 2013 Book, complete with featured chefs, day drinking, live music and serious awesomeness all around.

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