Feeling a little shy at the beach? Indulged too much during Spoleto? Well, we’re here to offer you fun ways to work up a sweat (intentionally) all across our fair city:

Run, Charleston, Run!

For those of you who love a good foot race, you’ll be glad to know our city hosts a run almost every weekend between now and the end of the year. Two coming up: The Run for the 9 Memorial 5K and the Capers Island Eco Run 5K/10K races – both on Sunday, June 20. Check out Charleston Running Club’s event calendar for full race listings.

Dance ‘til you can’t dance ‘til you can’t dance no more

People all over Charleston are talking about Daniel Island Hip Hop, created by dancer Angel Roberts and billed as “the best, most fun, down and dirty, booty shakin’ workout you will ever get.” And don’t let her name fool you – she intends to “take you on a journey and kill you kindly.” It’s all about strength, willpower and endurance. Oh yes, and fun. People hang around, talk, network and connect – it’s more than just a class.

Goddess Bodice

If you’re more of a goddess than a fly girl, check out the Goddess Dance Studio. It utilizes a combo of yoga, exotic dance and Pilates to get you lean and toned. The best part? You get to fling yourself around a pole, dangle from aerial hoops or rediscover your sultry side through the belly dance – all while burning up to 450 calories.

Latin Lover

“I have never seen a man move his hips like that!” That’s a pretty standard comment at a Zumba class. Fusing Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves like meringue, cha-cha, salsa and cumbia; it’s flat out sweaty fun. To find a class in your ‘hood, check out Zumba.com.

Mama Nia

Heard of Nia? It’s another highly aerobic, non-impact workout, incorporating movements and concepts from martial arts, dance and yoga. MUSC Wellness Center and Spirit Moves both offer classes. The latter offers your first class free so you can “find your groove,” so don’t miss that deal.

Charleston’s Biggest Loser

If you’re really serious and want healthy lifestyle, weight loss and greater self-esteem to be yours, then you may want to buck up for MUSC’s “Healthy Charleston Challenge.” Held in the fall and spring, this 12-week program incorporates the team approach to fitness, pairing you with a personal trainer, nutritionist and psychologist to tackle all the elements that can prevent you from making a permanent lifestyle change. The average participant loses 20 lbs during the weight loss “competition.”

So, have at it. Or feel free to get your sweat on with a leisurely stroll down King Street. Calorie loss not included.

Story by: Claire Gibbons

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